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DIXIEPLY Branches: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Dixie Plywood & Lumber Company of
Fort Lauderdale

2121 S.W. 10th Court
P.O. Box 9847
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

Phone: (954)583-6551 or (800)432-2144
Fax: (954)791-2658



Scott McCawley

Branch Manager


Sales Manager

Juan Nardo

Operations Manager

Ginny Paris

Credit Manager



Please note: We are wholesale distributors only and as such, we do not sell to contractors or the general public. However, if you are having trouble sourcing a product we distribute, we can suggest one of our retailer/dealers for you to contact.

About Dixie Plywood & Lumber Company of Fort Lauderdale


Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company of Fort Lauderdale is South Florida's leading wholesaler of building materials. We serve customers from Fort Pierce to Key West to the Ft. Myers/Naples area. Our customers vary from small to large, from independent to national, and all different areas of the industry such as retail stores, drywall suppliers, and roofing suppliers. We offer the latest in “Green Products”, including FSC Certified Wood for LEED projects. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, which allows us to deliver in 24 to 48 hours. We are also available for customer pick-ups from


Everyone who picks up the phone in our office is committed to customer service, so you will get fast and accurate answers to all of your building material questions. Everybody in our office has over 20+ years in the industry. We understand that in today's business environment, your time is valuable so you will always get personal service (no voicemail) from people who care and want your business. Service sets us apart. We have competitive pricing, offer special pricing programs and job quotes designed specifically for your purchasing needs. We shop hard for our products because we know that you do.

Dixie Fort Lauderdale Distribution Area


Dixieply Fort Lauderdale Distribution Area

Products We Distribute


Dixie Line Cards


Specialty Building Products

  • Extira Treated Exterior Panels*
  • Rmax Insulating Foamboard
  • Sure-Step Dock Boards*
  • Wood Stakes - all sizes
  • Cedar Shims - large and small
  • Visqueen - 1.5mil, 4mil, 6mil
  • Roofing Felt - 15lb, 30 lb, 30lb - ASTM
  • Window Film - Clear and Blue
  • Stucco Fiber & Red Tape
  • Brown Rosin Paper
  • Bending Plywood
  • FRP Panels and accessories

  • Neuma Doors

Framing Lumber (Full Units Only)

    • 2x4 #2 & BTR SPF 8' - 20' Spruce
    • 2x6 #2 & BTR SPF 8' - 20' Spruce
    • 2x4 - 2x12 8' - 20' #2 Brite SYP


    • 1 x 3 Stripping SPF
    • 1 x 4 Mill Run SPF
    • 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8 SPF Boards

    Treated Lumber (MCQ & BORATE)

    • 1x PT Furring Strips
    • 2x #1 PT
    • 2x #2 PT
    • 4x4 R/L PT
    • PT Beams & Pilings

Gypsum Products

    • Dens-Armour & Dens-Glass
    • Dens-Shield
    • Drywall

Spruce Fascia

    • 2x8 & 2x6 Primed

Hoover Treated Wood Products

    • Hoover Pyro-Guard SYP 2X & 1X*
    • Hoover Fire-Treated Plywood & Lumber*
    • Hoover Fire-Ex Exterior Fire Retardant*


    *Indicates product is green and/or FSC.

Panel Products

  • CDX Plywood
  • Pressure-treated Plywood
  • T&G Sturd-i-Floor Pine
  • B/C Pine Plywood
  • Arauco ACX and Beaded
  • AB Marine Plywood and Marine Deck
  • Plum Creek Fir MDO Plywood
  • SolarPly Radiant Barrier Plywood
  • Georgia Pacific DryPly
  • Premium Pine Sidings 4", 8" and RBB
  • Deco Pine Sidings - same
  • BBOES Pine Plyform
  • A/C Fir Plywood
  • OSB Sheathing
  • Huber Advantec*
  • Huber Zip System Panels & Tapes*
  • Homosote/Sound Board
  • ThermoPly - Energy Brace
  • Hardboard and Pegboard
  • Trupan MDF
  • Arreis NAF MDF*
  • MDF and Slot Wall
  • Particleboard
  • Encore MDF Particleboard*
  • PopLite panels

Pattern Stock

  • 1x6 C/BTR VJT
  • 1x8 2/BTR VJT, 1X6 2/BTR VJT
  • 2x6 2/BTR VJT

Hardwood Plywood

    • Birch, Maple, Red Oak, etc.
    • Bending Plywood
    • Import Laminate Grade Plywood
    • Chemetal Laminate & Tree Frog Veneers*
    • Wood Veneer - 10 mil & Edgebanding*

James Hardie Siding Products

    • CDML & Smooth Primed Lap Siding*
    • Beaded Primed Lap Siding, Smooth & CDML*
    • Panels - Smooth, CDML, Stucco, Sierra 8"*
    • HLD Trim - Smooth & CDML*
    • XLD Trim - Smooth*
    • Shingles - Straight, Staggered, 1/2 Round*
    • Hardie Soffit - Vented & Non-vented*
    • Hardie Housewrap & Accessories
    • Hardie ColorPlus by Special Order*
    • Artisan Siding & Trim


Markets We Serve



Please note we are wholesale only and as such do not sell contractors or the general public